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    LEGO®: Build It And They Will Come

    Field Of Dreams has nothing on LEGO when it comes to bringing people (and families) together. Like flies to a honey pot or children to a crinkle of candybar wrappers, the very whiff of freshly-opened moulded plastic squares will have them crossing oceans and galaxies to get to it.

    And when it comes to Christmas gift ideas, it’s the perfect present, hands down. And why wouldn’t it be? LEGO was awesome when I was a kid and continues to be awesome to my own kids today. And when we can #BuildItTogether as a family, it brings us all closer together than Eugene Levy’s eyebrows. There’s something very nostalgic and cool about building something fun with my kids that I enjoyed so much when I was their age. And something they don’t roll their eyes at because it’s ‘old’ (I’m looking at you, Rubik Cube).

    What Kind Of Builder Are You?LEGO City 60166 instructions

    Believe it or not, over the last 60 years, LEGO has identified distinct building personalities, including:

    The Competitive:
    Usually a sporty type, the competitive builder is all about the tallest tower. The tower will often have supportive beams to ensure it can handle the extreme height the builder desires. Not the keenest eye for the instructions, the competitive type will wing it using the pictures and complete a set in record time. Likes to build with others, especially if you can take your building partners on in a game.

    The Artist:
    The artist takes a unique approach, as they build with their imagination. Each block is carefully considered as it is added to their masterpiece. The building will take on its own story as a unique world is created. The artist might not take a linear approach to instructions, rather building different elements at a time. The artist likes to share stories with their building partners, and take those that they’re building with on a journey through their imagination.

    The Executive:
    This personality likes to complete a set. The executive will follow the instructions meticulously and like to replicate the world shown on the LEGO box. The Executive is a leader, and will instruct others on how to build together the finished set. They are proud of their builds and their co-builders and like to have their builds on display for as long as possible.

    The Thinker:
    The Thinker always likes to go bigger. The Thinker creates new worlds by combining sets, bringing together different LEGO elements. They particularly like adding wheels, or mechanical elements, interacting with the LEGO men and women. They love having friends join them in building never ending creations.

    LEGO City kayak jet boat lighthouse build

    Home-made LEGO zip-line pulleyStill too early to call which personality Alice might be at this stage, unless unicorn dreamer is a sub-category, but I’m very definitely The Thinker.  As represented by my awesome LEGO zip-line pulley I constructed for Alice’s birthday party to make her unicorns fly across the yard.

    Mumma and Indy both share the same building personality, The Executive, as evidenced in the video below. And although Indy does exhibit some of the Artist qualities, he’s very good at instructing the rest of us on how to build it.

    LEGO City Heavy-Duty Rescue Helicopter Set

    Today’s LEGO builds have way more complexity than Donald Trump’s tweets, and the LEGO City Heavy-Duty Rescue Helicopter set is no exception. With cool action features like spinning rotors, sliding doors and a working cable winch, it brings a whole new dimension of play to this set. And once we assembled the entire set including jet boat, kayak, lighthouse and shark, we just had to do something awesome with it. Make sure you watch the entire video to find out.

    #BuildItTogether with LEGO this Christmas.

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2 Responses to LEGO City Heavy-Duty Rescue Helicopter

  • Eva Campbell Morales wrote on November 27, 2017 at 1:33 // Reply

    OMG!!!!! If I had little kids, I’d totally do this! The last minute and a half is an awesome pay off!!!!!
    The kids are adorable. How did you get them to learn those accents so young?????

    • 40YrOldDad wrote on November 27, 2017 at 1:41 // Reply

      Hahaha. Amazing genes 😉 You’ll have to meet them one day in person, Eva. You’ll be even more impressed. We miss you and love you heaps. It’s been far too long between karaoke sessions xx

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