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    Legoland® Discovery Centre Melbourne

    The Southern Hemisphere’s first ultimate indoor Legoland playground opened its doors to the public and we got an exclusive inside peek at this amazing new family attraction at Chadstone – The Fashion Capital. Under the five hours of non-stop activity and scrutiny of our 4 and 2½ year old kids, we are happy to report that everything is in fact, AWESOME.

    Just how awesome is it?

    It was finished 6 weeks ahead of schedule – AWESOME. (But clearly had plenty of detailed graphic instruction booklets on how to assemble it all together to work from.)

    Over 2 million bricks used in the construction of a MINILAND Melbourne, featuring the MCG, Arts Centre and ‘the big chip’ among 25 iconic Melbourne landmarks – AWESOME. (Including a homeless man lying in the park, or maybe he just fell over?)

    Thirteen family friendly attractions AND a 4D cinema – AWESOME. (You may get sprayed. I sure hope it’s water.)

    What kind of attractions?

    The really fun kind.

    An interactive LEGO Factory Tour, breath-taking MINILAND Melbourne, three exclusive LEGO-themed movies in the 4D cinema, and two rides; Kingdom Quest where you get to ride and shoot targets and enemies with a laser and Merlin’s Apprentice, where you can peddle your way to the sky. Plus, there’s also a LEGO City Soft Play Area as well as educational programs at the Creative Workshop, which fosters creativity and assists children with constructing their own bricktastic creations.

    Don’t forget the snack bar for food and drinks with all of the dispensers, condiment holders and table numbers all made from Lego.

    Is there nothing that can’t be built using Lego? If you said ‘relationships’, then BARP – sorry, go to the end of the line. Lego brings people together both metaphorically and literally. A working flame thrower…mmm, perhaps?

    Who is the Legoland Discovery Centre for?

    Keep in mind that this isn’t a Lego Shop you can browse the isles in with a few interactive spaces, which is what I was expecting. It’s actually a kids play centre geared toward kids aged under 10, much like Lollipops or The Silly Seahorse — BUT ON LEGO STEROIDS. Specifically designed to create a truly awesome creative space for kids to enjoy safely. So, if you’re a Lego enthusiast without kids, you will be denied entry. Just like any child play centre wouldn’t admit adult patrons without kids. That’s just creepy. You need to procreate yo, and build your own “Lego-mini’s” or babysit for a few hours to get in.

    How much does it cost?

    Unlike a Lollipops or Silly Seahorse, the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre will set you back a hefty admission price with individual ticket prices of $32.50 for anyone 3+. (Kids under 2 are admitted free). So, if you have more than one child attending you’ll be hard pressed to see any change from a $100, and that’s just to get in. Count food on top of that and then getting through the gift shop on the way out, you’ll be north of a couple zingers in no time.

    As agonising as that is to your wallet, there is an annual pass you can purchase for $81.00 which is by far the best value if you expect to go on a regular or semi-regular basis. Best to book your tickets in advance which you can do here.


    Hell, yeah. If you have the money. It really is an awesome experience, although you may need a large orange LEGO TOOL to eventually pry your kids (and Dad) out of there.

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