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    It’s every budding palaeontologists delight. A chance to get up and close with some of the biggest, meanest and ugliest creatures this planet has ever seen…and then, there’s the dinosaurs. If your kids are way too young to watch Jurassic Park without being traumatised by digital CGI dinosaurs and prefer to traumatise them the old fashioned way with the old analogue animatronic dinosaurs with realistic sounds and movements, then Jurassic Creatures featuring Prehistoric Creatures of the ICE at Docklands Harbour Town is just the ticket for you.

    Our boy is going through a stage where he loves dinosaurs more than rainbow wrappers…(well, almost) and now that he’s discovered other huge creatures existed other than dinosaurs such as wooly mammoths, sabre-tooth tigers, cave bears and wooly rhino’s (I’m sure that’s a cocktail just waiting to be discovered), his interest in all things dead and buried has been peaked again. And to think you can see them all under the one roof at the same time as your other perennial Dino favourites such as T-Rex, Triceratops, Parasaurolophus, Saltasaurus and more. I mean, come on, even Mother Nature couldn’t do that. She had to keep them separated by millions of years in the back seat so they wouldn’t keep touching each other. But here they are getting along in perfect harmony (I think you an your sister could learn a lot from this?).

    It’s a pretty cool experience (no Ice Age pun intended), put on by the same folks who do the amazing Christmas Wonderland spectacular each year and includes all the carnival rides, activities for the kids such as digging for fossils in your own palaeontologist coat and goggles, crafting sand pictures, a really huge ice-bouncey castle and a live Dinosaur Train Stage Show, featuring Buddy and Tiny from the TV show, all in the admission price. Each session runs for about 3 hours, which is more than long enough to get through everything and we had a pretty spectacularly fun day.

    There was a moment before we went in when another little boy came up to Indy and roared in his face to assert his dominance and stake out his territory as dinosaurs tend to do. Unfortunately for this kid, he completely underestimated the size of Indy’s lungs as he T-Rexed the other boy back into extinction. That’s some roar he has there, let me tell you. Thankfully, the other boy’s mother saw the funny side of it too and consoled her little one with, ‘Looks like you finally met your match.” I did give Indy the mandatory eyebrow scorn for ‘looks’, but he could still read the ‘high-five’ in my eyes.

    It’s on in Melbourne from 12th March – 17th April and you can book tickets and get all the details here. It’s a terrific day out and you can even get candy floss now in banana flavour.

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  • Ma wrote on March 22, 2016 at 5:55 // Reply

    Hahahaha😄😄😄😄😄😄 you go Indy, no one can roar like you 😄😄

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