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    If there was ever a Christmas we were eagerly excited and scared about, it was this one. Reasons being, this is the first Christmas where Indy could actually grasp hold of the concepts of Santa, good boys and girls, and of course…presents. The scary part being, it’s also the same Christmas we’re teaching our boy about ‘giving’ as well as receiving and we discussed the idea of giving his dummy to Santa.

    A conversation that was well supported by Santa and the helpful elves at PNP Portable North Pole, which if you haven’t gotten onto it yet, it’s an amazing service that provides custom videos and phone calls from Santa himself, direct from the North Pole in preparation for the big night. You can upload photos and input information and Santa talks directly to you by name, and in our case, Santa told Indy that he hoped he could stop using his dummy and that he will bring him a new bike for Christmas.

    We played that video every day and each time, Indy would get excited and tell us he would give his dummy to Santa and that Santa would give him a bike. It was very cute and exciting to watch. But when push came to shove, would he actually be able to part with his ‘bwue duddy’ when the time came? It’s been his security for the term of his entire life! Almost like giving up a limb, I expect?

    Santa paid the family a visit on Christmas Eve and two things shocked us immediately. First of all, straight up without even uttering a single word from Santa, as soon as he approached, Indy looked quizzically at him then excitedly exclaimed…

    “Dada turn into Santa!”

    And continued to report to everyone around that, “Dada Santa”. How on earth could he even tell? I hadn’t even said a single thing. It occurred to me later that because we dress up so often, he’s probably so used to recognising me in all kinds of garb, so it was probably business as usual to him. The next thing that shocked us was that he was still prepared to give Santa his ‘bwue duddy’ as we discussed. We even presented it in a lovely Christmas box and as you can see in the pics below, it was well overdue for the scrap yard, and it all went off without a hitch.

    Santa promised to take very good care of it and would keep his promise to exchange it for a new bike in the morning. After Santa left to continue his deliveries on Christmas Eve, Indy noticed me sitting in a chair and threw his hands in the air, “Dada no Santa anymore?” But before I could answer he asked, “Inny be Santa?” I shrugged and said, “sure.” So hilariously, he stomped around in a very low voice saying, “I’m Santa Cwaws, ho-ho-ho,” and finding presents on the ground to give to people, like empty bottles. Then he’d disappear around a corner and pop back out saying he’s Indy now, then disappear again and pop back out as Santa. Hilarious.

    That night, we put out cookies and milk for Santa and carrots outside for the reindeer before bed. He was a little upset that Santa had taken his dummy to the North Pole and had seemed to not have any connection to me about it at all. But we reassured him he was very brave for giving it up and how proud we were of him and that tomorrow would be a very exciting day.

    Which it was…

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