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    Can’t believe our little schnitzel is growing up so fast. It seemed like only yesterday he was just an egg, now he’s suddenly 21…

    Weeks! (that is).

    It’s about now, my mind clicks into overdrive!

    We’re creating a whole human beingfrom nothing!

    This is the kind of stuff, that “God” person, wrote about in that really old book, what was it…

    Where Do Babies Come From?

    Now’s the time for weird thoughts to start creeping into my head. Thoughts like…

    Am I god? God is the creator, I created, therefore…I AM GOD!

    Then my beautiful angel reminds me…

    “Ah, you know we’re having a baby, right? It’s not all about you!”

    Sorry, my bad. My thoughts about him

    # 21 Weeks?…That’s like, 147 day old sperm in there.

    # If I press my head against your belly, do you think he can read my thoughts?

    # What if he wasn’t just confined to your womb? What if he could crawl around anywhere under your skin? Imagine if you were trying to walk up stairs but couldn’t bend your knee because there was a big bulge behind your knee where he was tucked away? Or what if he crawled up to your neck and sat on your shoulder like he was a parrot?

    But, these are just normal thoughts every first time dad has, right honey?Honey? Where are you going? Should you be carrying a suitcase in your condition? Mind you, your arms look huge, like a baby crawled up inside your — Oh my GOD!!

    There’s just so much to think about, I mean…

    This impacts…the entire universe!

    Not only is my lovely one’s belly expanding, but now, the whole entire universe is expanding, thanks to us! All of the atoms in the entire universe will have to shove over to make more room for our little man, when he arrives. That’s HUGE…or maybe I should take my wife’s advice

    Honey, stop thinking now…

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2 Responses to Twenty-one Today…twenty-one today!

  • Kanny wrote on February 12, 2012 at 7:17 // Reply

    Jus…….what the hell goes on inside your head?????? Thank God (not you) you have a stabilising influence in your life!

  • Damian wrote on February 12, 2012 at 10:47 // Reply

    That’s lovely, Justin, just keep taking the Valium…

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