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    Our little tenant turns Sweet 16...(Weeks, that is), which means we have plenty of things to celebrate.

    There’s an old saying, “It’s hard to keep a good man down”, well, in my beautiful lady’s case, the same can be said for food.

    But thankfully, at this stage in the game…

    The “sicks” have finally left the building…

    Which means, my lovely lady can finally enjoy…

    “Food, glorious food!”

    There’s nothing so satisfying or brings a tear to the eye more than the enjoyment of watching your loved one crawl into the belly of a wild boarand eat her way out. Oh, the joy! To finally order and finish a pizza with the lot…chairs, tables…everything. To see the waiter cringe nervously and patrons run screaming for their lives at the “all-you-can-eat buffet”. Makes a man feel proud 🙂

    Both my babies are finally getting sustenance. But I can never tell if she’s looking at me with love and passion in her eyes…or just imagining me as a giant cartoon pork chop. Either way, I’m more than happy to be on the menu 😉

    And at Week 16, another new and exciting affliction has come to visit…

    The Burps.

    Wow, it’s very rare to go a sentence or two without a little belch popping out. Blame it on those damn hormones wreaking havoc with her gastric tract. It’s a little like spending time with Homer Simpson or the Exorcist. But waaay sexier.

    Which brings up another interesting observation for me. Just how sexy my lady looks pregnant…“row-row”.

    Which reminds me…I’m just gonna go see what’s on tonight’s menu…

    “Mmmm, the Exorcist”.

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  • David Taylor wrote on January 12, 2012 at 4:29 // Reply

    This is all brilliant, just brilliant. Although with all the food that is now going in, perhaps a change of name is on the horizon. Maybe Fat Fi, or Fiona Fatty Fat. Doesn’t matter, the baby is getting the nourishment and that’s what does matter.

    This news has made may day.

    David T.

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