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    One of the greatest most fun things about Christmas, is driving around checking out other people’s Christmas light displays. And in our area alone, there’s some pretty awesome ones. The kind of displays that make you go, ‘man, I’d love to do something like that’, with the kind of electrical bills that make you go, ‘man, I sure am glad I didn’t do something like that.’

    Plus, it was the first time ever that we took our kids out to experience them and Indy was super excited. Seeing as it doesn’t actually get dark until nearly 9pm because of daylight savings, he still went to bed at his usual 7 o’clock but we woke him at 9pm and we all snuck out to the car like ninja spies on a secret mission…dressed in Thomas the Tank Engine urban camouflage.

    As we drove around, we’d mapped out a few places on the GPS and walking to our first place, I laughed at Indy rubbing his hands together with eager anticipation like he was about to do something really super exciting…or hatch an evil plan for world domination.

    And every place we went to just got better and better.

    My two personal favourites being; (more…)

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    Now that Melmo is officially live and kicking, it’s time he earned his keep.

    Here’s Melmo’s 40YrOldDad Video Debut…

    Take it away, Melmo…

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    This week, as promised, a sneak peek behind the curtain at the making of our family-made short sci-fi film…

    ‘STRYDER’ – The movie.

    Click the image to watch the film, then read on and be bedazzled at how we made it (no sequins were harmed during the making of this film).

    'STRYDER' the movie

    Click to play

    So…How did we do it?

    Lying down, standing up, bent over the car seat and squatting on our haunches…basically. (You won’t believe how limber we are).

    The whole thing was entirely made and put together using the smallest production company in the world…my index finger! (When I say ‘my’ I really mean, ‘our’, as sometimes it was Mumma’s index finger — okay, this is getting weird), all on my iPad-3. I storyboarded key scenes using a simple app called, Sketches. I kept the drawings so simple that a child could understand them, (that’s my excuse). Funny how if I showed them to someone and said Indy drew them, they’d compliment the crap out of them but if I said it was me, I get the raised eyebrow and the ‘geez, my two year old can draw better than that,’ remark.

    We actually filmed in 3 different locations in 2 different states: (Consciousness and Unconsciousness). All the scenes of me in the car, the missile explosions and the Stryder walking up the driveway, were filmed in country NSW, where I was approached by concerned elderly onlookers checking if I was okay. They saw me lying in the driveway and thought I’d been run over. Assuring them I was completely fine, I’m just ‘filming my robot’, did absolutely nothing to alleviate their fears for my safety, but somehow raised concerns for their own? Damn judgemental eyebrows. Bad weather and evading authorities meant we had to flee the state to finish the rest.


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    PREVIOUSLY on 40YrOldDad:

    Indy made his ‘Boscar’-worthy (Baby Oscar – did I just coin a phrase? Dibs on that!), short film debut in a sci-fi short film we shot over New Year’s.

    As a treat for you to feast your feast-wanting eyes upon, I promised to bring you a behind the scenes look at how we put it all together (which did include some incense sticks and scotch tape).

    I hope you’re eager to peek behind the curtain, but before I do, I need to put something on.

    In the meantime, here’s a special encore screening to refresh your mind blowing boggledness of “how did they do that?”, as we proudly re-present…

    ‘STRYDER’ – The Movie

    'STRYDER' the movie

    Click on image to play movie

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    When asked to trial and review “The Greatest Toy in the Universe”, how could I possibly say no? And short of owning my own combat ready Ironman suit or life-size Dalek, this boy’s toy satisfies both my inner nerd and sci-fi geek. Plus, we wanted to make it a momentous occasion by putting together our very own short film with our little bloke in his first ever short film debut, where he gets to exercise his acting chops and see if he qualifies as a fully fledged member of our ‘Funsters’ (trademark pending) family.

    So, without further adieu.

    The long awaited most anticipated release of the year (so far).

    Please enjoy…

    ‘STRYDER’ – The movie


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    We had a very productive Christmas period that we shared with a very unique…’visitor’ (and I don’t mean Santa).
    The results of which, will be released in 3 days time.

    In the meantime, stay tuned. There will be more clues on my Facebook page.

    The whole experience was out of this world, you might say? And involved some very special teamwork.

    And just to whet your whistle, here’s a sneak preview of what’s coming.

    Watch out!!

    'STRYDER' Sneak Preview Trailer

    Click on image to play movie

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    There’s no worse feeling than seeing your little one in distress. And that’s exactly what we woke up to this morning. Indy went to bed last night without a worry, despite a little runny nose. But this morning when he woke, his little nose was caked in dried snot and he really struggled for breath, sounding a lot like a barking seal. I grabbed a few seconds on video to help relay what was happening to the doctor in case it wasn’t happening by the time we got there.

    Please note: The following video is for educational purposes only in order to help other parents identify croup symptoms in their own child. If you suspect your child has any respiratory ailments, please seek medical advice immediately.

    Viewer discretion is advised: Contains scenes some viewers may find distressing.


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    The past decade has seen an avalanche of Superhero movies hitting our eyeballs. (I say that like it’s a bad thing…nu-uh)

    Well hold on to your hats folks, coz there’s a whole bunch more Superhero movies just waiting in the wings.

    Check out the latest trailer of what’s to come… (more…)

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