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    LEGO®: Build It And They Will Come

    Field Of Dreams has nothing on LEGO when it comes to bringing people (and families) together. Like flies to a honey pot or children to a crinkle of candybar wrappers, the very whiff of freshly-opened moulded plastic squares will have them crossing oceans and galaxies to get to it.

    And when it comes to Christmas gift ideas, it’s the perfect present, hands down. And why wouldn’t it be? LEGO was awesome when I was a kid and continues to be awesome to my own kids today. And when we can #BuildItTogether as a family, it brings us all closer together than Eugene Levy’s eyebrows. There’s something very nostalgic and cool about building something fun with my kids that I enjoyed so much when I was their age. And something they don’t roll their eyes at because it’s ‘old’ (I’m looking at you, Rubik Cube). (more…)

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    Dadhacks For Healthy Eating

    Every parent knows, getting kids to eat healthy meals can be a bit like Jamie Lannister charging a dragon on horseback. Ram-raiding broccoli on the end of your lance is often met with a blistering inferno of refusal. It’s a fools errand and probably, one that will consequently leave at least one of you scorched horribly.

    The problem with healthy food, from a kid’s perspective, is that it tastes and looks horrible. In some cases, they’re probably right. I’m looking at you, green peas and brussell sprouts.

    Well, thank heavens for Whole Kids who’ve created an entire range of healthy options for kids. An Australian-owned, organic food company created by a real Mum and Dad who believe in unjunking our food and our lives. They choose the finest organic ingredients to make the yummiest and healthiest foods for your kids. Therefore, no artificial stuff, no funny numbers and definitely, no junk. Just real food made by real people. (more…)

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    Lightning McQueen is Back, Y’All

    The Disney/Pixar Cars Pit Stop and Lightning McQueen are back this year, at selected Supercars race days around Australia.

    In celebration of the upcoming release of Disney/Pixar’s Cars 3 on June 22, the Cars Pit Stop will be the ultimate racing destination for families of all ages at the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship events this year. Disney/Pixar Cars, Mack Trucks and Virgin Australia Supercars Championship have again joined forces to bring Australian families the ultimate Cars experience. With activities for all ages, fans willbe able to see the new-look Lightning McQueen before the film releases. Plus, Mack the Transporter will be on show, creating the perfect backdrop for a family selfie! (more…)

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    Having Elfie stay with us over the Christmas break sure was exciting. Never knowing where he’ll end up next was certainly a highlight for the kids. Our Elf on the Shelf visitor certainly got up to some hi-jinx, which in retrospect, may be a lot to sustain in the future. (more…)

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    This year we had a very special Elf on the Shelf visitor stay with us for the lead up to Christmas.

    Every year Santa sends out a special Scout Elf to monitor kids behaviour and report back to Santa each night. The kids get to name their elf and went with the very creative ELFIE (Elf The Elf). Elfie then returns each morning hiding in a different place for the kids to find. There are only two rules;

    Rule#1 – You cannot touch Elfie or his magic will not work.
    Rule#2 – Elfie isn’t allowed to talk to us.

    But you can talk to him, share your secrets and tell him what you want for Christmas.

    I’m a firm believer in keeping the wonder of magic alive for our kids for as long as is humanly possible. Which I passionately mentioned in an earlier post, and Elfie is no exception. (more…)

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    Not to be outdone in the cloning stakes, I thought why should our boy have all the fun? And it’s always handy to have an extra man around the house…or two…or three.

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    As a kid, one of my fondest memories of my own Daddy was when we were stopped at traffic lights in our green HR Holden and when the lights changed green, my Dad just sat there laughing his head off. Cars banked up behind us and people hollered and hooted their horns at us to move, but still, my Dad just sat there and laughed and laughed. Pretty soon, a motorcycle cop came riding up beside us and motioned for my Dad to move on, but still he looked and laughed. The cop came to the window and when he told my Dad to get a move on, my Dad just laughed at him and said, ‘I can’t do that.” The cop looked at him sternly and asked, “What’s the problem?” To which my Dad, still laughing his head off, held up the gear stick from the column shift that had snapped right off in his hand when he tried to change gears when the lights changed. It’s clear we weren’t going anywhere. (more…)

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    Wow, what a nut-cracker of a day we had today when we hosted our very own official ‘Chipnic Party’ to help celebrate the digital release of Alvin & the Chipmunks: The Road Chip movie, on iTunes, just before Easter.

    Not since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the courtship of Rachel and Ross or the time Mumma looked at me suggestively and said, “you know, the kids are both asleep”, has there been such an air of excitement and eager anticipation. It was all hands and paws on deck as we prepped and fluffed with the help of some fury friends to get things ‘chip-shape’ for the big day. (more…)

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    From the moment he was conceived, we knew this day would come. I wasn’t sure if his 3 and a half year old mind could handle the concept but I couldn’t wait any longer. To hell with the consequences. Time to man up and hit this thing head on. Sit down son, I’m about to blow your tiny mind…it’s time you discovered the answer to ‘Where did I come from?’

    We sat down together and pushed PLAY on the remote. The PARAMOUNT PICTURES logo on the screen dissolves into a real life mountain and the life-affecting title appears…


    I hold my tongue and my breath in eager anticipation of the question I know is about to come…
    ‘Who dat man in the hat, Daddy?’
    And as the silhouetted figure on screen whips a gun right out of a bad guy’s hand with a stinging crack of blinding accuracy, he steps into the light and we see his face for the very first time…‘THAT my boy, is the man you are named after. THAT, is…INDIANA JONES, Dr Henry Jones Jr. His friends call him INDY and it’s time you found out exactly who he is.’

    The next hour and a half was one of the most delightful experiences of my whole parenting journey. Getting to watch Indiana Jones in action through the eyes of my son and seeing him feel as much affinity for that character as I did in my own childhood. He laughed and yelled at the screen and knowing full well he couldn’t sit through the whole thing, we forwarded through the plot developing scenes and focused on the action. He’ll enjoy them just as much when he watches it again when he’s older. It was also my job to cover his eyes during the scary moments, a job that was monitored very carefully by my boy who would yell out, ‘Cover my eyes! Cover my eyes!’ at the slightest hint of any atmospheric musical changes. Still surprises me that he didn’t just cover them himself with his own hands, but that’s why I’m the Dad, I guess? (more…)

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    It’s no secret that our little bloke and I are both into Super Heroes. He’s also currently obsessed with ‘Dusty’ from the Disney movie, PLANES, and basically anything that flies.

    I guess it’s every boy’s dream to actually be able to fly and after several days of pestering persistent enquiries, I did what any Dad with a fondness for Super Heroes would do…

    I told Indy I would find a way to help make him fly.

    The result is this…


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