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    You’ve no doubt heard the term, ‘Two’s company, three’s a crowd’, but did you ever bank on ‘the crowd’ being half this cute? Or should that be, three times as cute? Thankfully, this is as close to having triplets as we’re ever going to get.

    Enjoy the video.

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    A couple years ago I built a fury monster pal, ‘Melmo’, for our little bloke.

    Well, he resurfaced a couple days ago to ask Indy what he wants to be when he grows up and his answers were too adorable not to share.

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    Step aside Twilight Zone, two-steps to the left Amazing Stories and kneel down and bow your head LOST, because our little man just officially blew my mind during breakfast that sent a shock wave of “What the…” rippling down our spines.

    Checking my emails at the table while Indy munched through his honey-toast dip-dip in his high chair beside me, my spider-sense tingled at the sound of water streaming into the pool under his chair. Fully expecting to look up and see him pouring his water bottle over the side, I was shocked to see it was still in its place, untouched on the table and he was contending with a chewy piece of crust.

    But underneath his chair, lurking like an aquatic troll, was a golden pool of liquid that immediately sunk my spirits and made me groan internally. Oh no, he’s peed himself in his high chair.

    Mumma saw the shock wave ripple in her cup of tea from my sunken shoulders and leapt to lend a hand, but upon inspecting our presumably soaking cherub, he was actually…bone dry! His fiddly bits tucked away inside his nappy and not a drop of wee down his leg hole, his waistband or anywhere in between. But I heard it spill down into the pool and the evidence is clearly…evident. (more…)

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    It’s the call you never want to get while holidaying in Bali. Life is high, you’re on top of the world and suddenly it hits. That apprehensive voice on the other end of the line calling from home in Australia. Right from the get go, you detect a slight tremor in the voice and a stunted hesitance which can only mean one thing…

    What do you mean, dead?

    “There was a thunder storm. An enormous power surge. It was very quick, there was nothing I could do…”

    Don’t say it. Don’t tell me, I don’t want to hear it!

    “I’m really, really sorry, but…your modem got fried. Your internet…is dead.”


    “It also blew up your microwave and the central heating has stopped working as well. And it’s totally freezing!”

    Not quite the news you want to hear while you’re away on holiday. The trip was costing us enough as it is, but our niece was doing us a favour by house-sitting for us while we were away. So we felt we owed it to her to at least make sure we didn’t come home to a frozen Popsicle gnawing on the leg of a sofa, and sprung for a new microwave, heating and most importantly…a new modem, so she wasn’t completely cut off from the outside world. (Okay, so I didn’t have to go a day without internet access once we got home…stop twisting my arm, you got what you needed).


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    When I was a kid, video tapes were all the rage. Especially those in the Horror genre. At least, it was for a thirteen year old teenager in the 80’s. By today’s standards, they’re probably more comedies than horror films. But you have to remember, a chainsaw cutting through a rubber arm or stop-motion skeletons with swords, was considered “cutting edge” special effects. (Pun definitely intended) 😉

    None were more memorable for me, than the unforgettable movie monsters, such as The Thing, Pin-Head from Hellraiser, the deformed evil Siamese twin from Basket Case and of course, Freddy Kruger. But there is another legendary movie monster from my past, that has recently returned to haunt me…


    If you’re unfamiliar, The Blob was a creature from outer space that resembled a giant red booger that slimed it’s way through town, growing and consuming every living creature until it eventually covered everything in sight. And this past couple weeks, we’ve faced the unfortunate experience of battling this creature’s yellowy-greenish cousin, that has terrorized us (not from outer space), but from within…deep inner space. Specifically…

    INDY’S NOSE (more…)

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    Today marks our little Indy’s three week anniversary of breathing life on this planet.

    And what better way to celebrate this occasion, than with a fantastic congratulatory cake delivered right to our door, from two of our close friends in Sydney.

    At least, it would be…if the cake was actually here!!

    One of the side-effects of being Adventurers Extraordinaire is that, short of having the local vet implant a microchip under our skin or matching his’n’hers ankle monitors, it’s damn well almost impossible to keep track of all the different addresses we’ve dwelled in over the years. We seem to change addresses more often than John Travolta changes massage therapists.

    So, it was no surprise to discover our cake was mistakenly delivered to…

    The wrong address…

    (And incidentally, we’ve actually moved twice since that place).

    So, I jammed into gear and trekked back to our old address only to find…

    Nobody home. (more…)

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  • HOME BOY!!

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    Round ’em up Hoss, the Cartwrights are finally back at the Ponderosa“Yeehar!!”

    It’s a Bonanza day because today’s the day we all get to come home to begin the next chapter in our lives…


    That means our name will be forever etched in the mahogany trophy cabinet in the sky, alongside family greats such as;

    The Brady’s
    The Cosby’s
    The Seaver’s
    The Cartwright’s
    The Robinson’s
    The Ewing’s
    The Cunningham’s
    The Cleaver’s
    And even…
    The Kardashian’s
    (Full points to you if you can name each TV show)
    **And thank heaven’s you have a life, if you can’t. (more…)

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