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    Darkness looms. A figure hunches in the shadows of his nightly prison, incoherent whispers hush quietly, incessantly. A crack of light from an open door spills across the figure, illuminates his damp and blotchy skin. Like Gollum from Lord of The Rings, the creature springs up, shields its eyes from the piercing glare. Its fiddly fingers conceal and protect his ‘precious’ from anyone who would dare try to steal it. The frenzied whispers rise to an audible exclamation as the creature leaps toward the bars and yells excitedly…


    Yes, at 21 months of age, our son has discovered his ‘precious’ which he kindly refers to as his ‘wee-wee’. And like Lara Bingle and bad publicity, he just can’t get enough of it. Which is not really a problem in itself. I mean, we both knew it was inevitable that he would eventually find it, and if he wasn’t meant to play with it then God would have given him shorter arms or put it somewhere you can’t reach, like the spot between your shoulder blades or on top of the fridge. But what makes things challenging, is that he tends to dig around inside his nappy for it when he’s in bed and as a result, pees all over himself and the bed.

    So there we are, a tag-team midnight pit crew change. Mumma strips him down and changes his Cookie Monster jammies on the change table, while I strip down and reassemble the cot. Done and dusted in under a minute. Our precision is envious. The whole thing to him occurred as a psychedelic blur of light and fleece, to which his only recollection in the morning must be, ‘how did I change pyjamas in the middle of the night?’ But even then, the flannelette cowboys on his second pyjamas have already worked up a sweat, as he’d been digging around and struck liquid gold, yet again. (more…)

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    Now that Melmo is officially live and kicking, it’s time he earned his keep.

    Here’s Melmo’s 40YrOldDad Video Debut…

    Take it away, Melmo…

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  • MELMO!

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    As a kid, I spent a lot of time with my hands down my pants. Way, way down at the sock end, that is. Countless hours rummaging through my socks, deftly infusing them with life and colour that would afford me legendary status on The Muppet Show. Not so good for Mum’s purse, though, (Stop cutting up your school socks! We’re not made of money!).

    I made a few marionettes, (which is actually a puppet on a string, not Maid Marion’s natural hair colour), and I fantasised for years (in my head, not my pants), about becoming a Muppeteer. A dream that would come to fruition some 30 odd years later…sort of?

    Our little man is a huge fan of Seseme Street, with Cookie Monster and Super Grover as particular favourites. We actually met Cookie Monster in an earlier post, The Great Cookie Caper. But his all time favourite is Elmo. (more…)

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    They’re two, they’re four, they’re six, they’re eight, shunting prams and hauling grapes…

    The look on every parents’ face. A subtle blend of excitement, awe and what the hell have we got ourselves into? Bleary-eyes and yawns all round. Unspoken nods between Dads that said, ‘Yep, we too rose at the crack of dawn, dressed our kid in their Thomas kit, packed their Thomas backpack with all their Thomas toys and chuffed our way to Emerald just to meet…(you guessed it)…

    Thomas the Tank Engine

    But the look on Indy’s face was worth every effort to get down there and pit them face-to-face. We’d booked our tickets early (like, 1973), and so glad we did. To hear his ‘ooh-ooh-oohs’ and watch his happy dance as Thomas chuffed into view, it’s like he couldn’t believe his own little eyes. And getting to ride the train as Thomas chuffed us along was a new and exciting experience (for both of us!). I’ve never ridden a steam train before either. And I know Thomas is for kids, but seeing him there in full scale, steam chuffing, even I felt a bit star-struck (as I’m sure every other Dad was, too).

    Indy spent most of the ride with his head out the window, like a dog, enjoying the freedom of the wind in his hair (lucky him). Not so lucky for the passengers downwind from us, copping all the dog-drool. (more…)

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    This week, as promised, a sneak peek behind the curtain at the making of our family-made short sci-fi film…

    ‘STRYDER’ – The movie.

    Click the image to watch the film, then read on and be bedazzled at how we made it (no sequins were harmed during the making of this film).

    'STRYDER' the movie

    Click to play

    So…How did we do it?

    Lying down, standing up, bent over the car seat and squatting on our haunches…basically. (You won’t believe how limber we are).

    The whole thing was entirely made and put together using the smallest production company in the world…my index finger! (When I say ‘my’ I really mean, ‘our’, as sometimes it was Mumma’s index finger — okay, this is getting weird), all on my iPad-3. I storyboarded key scenes using a simple app called, Sketches. I kept the drawings so simple that a child could understand them, (that’s my excuse). Funny how if I showed them to someone and said Indy drew them, they’d compliment the crap out of them but if I said it was me, I get the raised eyebrow and the ‘geez, my two year old can draw better than that,’ remark.

    We actually filmed in 3 different locations in 2 different states: (Consciousness and Unconsciousness). All the scenes of me in the car, the missile explosions and the Stryder walking up the driveway, were filmed in country NSW, where I was approached by concerned elderly onlookers checking if I was okay. They saw me lying in the driveway and thought I’d been run over. Assuring them I was completely fine, I’m just ‘filming my robot’, did absolutely nothing to alleviate their fears for my safety, but somehow raised concerns for their own? Damn judgemental eyebrows. Bad weather and evading authorities meant we had to flee the state to finish the rest.


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    PREVIOUSLY on 40YrOldDad:

    Indy made his ‘Boscar’-worthy (Baby Oscar – did I just coin a phrase? Dibs on that!), short film debut in a sci-fi short film we shot over New Year’s.

    As a treat for you to feast your feast-wanting eyes upon, I promised to bring you a behind the scenes look at how we put it all together (which did include some incense sticks and scotch tape).

    I hope you’re eager to peek behind the curtain, but before I do, I need to put something on.

    In the meantime, here’s a special encore screening to refresh your mind blowing boggledness of “how did they do that?”, as we proudly re-present…

    ‘STRYDER’ – The Movie

    'STRYDER' the movie

    Click on image to play movie

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    Never ever ever ever expected this to happen a second time.

    Will say more on this after I’ve had a little lay down…


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    No, it’s not Quasimodo seeking safety from the pitchforks and blazing torches of an unruly mob in Notre Dame, but a safe haven for many indigenous Australian animals (some endangered) set in beautiful bush surrounds of Healesville, and we had a ‘hunch’ (ahem, sorry!) that Indy would just love it.

    In a blaze of oohs and ahhs, we trekked our way through the dusty winding tracks of the Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary. It’s an awesome day out for the family with plenty of wildlife on display.

    Highlights for Indy, was the Spirits of the Sky birds of prey show, which had raptors, buzzards, owls and parrots swooping overhead so close you’d cop one in the ear if you stood up, culminating in an up-close and personal appearance of a majestic and enormous wedge-tailed eagle. At which point I swear I heard Mick Dundee in my ear, ‘that’s not a talon…that’s a talon!’

    Magificent as it was, it didn’t compare to the stunning bird sat next to me with our boy on her lap – Mummus beautificus Wifus 😉 (more…)

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    If there’s one thing I hate more than washing dishes, is having to wash them again after they’ve already been washed! That goes double for the dishwasher.

    Back in the day, it was my Papa’s job to wash the dishes and his philosophy was, ‘What you don’t get off in the sink, you get off with the tea towel when you dry it.’ Which is fine if you don’t mind drying your hands on a towel caked in dry bits of food that could tear through your flesh like a jagged tin can.

    But dishwashers have made our lives easier…when they’re loaded properly and have the right stuff in them, that is. Just for the record, a dishwasher is NOT a magic hole in the wall that mysteriously cleans everything you put into it. (That’s a washing machine or possibly a black-hole vortex).

    There’s a precision, art and order to it that allows an even distribution of water jettage and arm spinny-thingy that if left to spin its twirly haymaker arm spinny action unencumbered (in the same way an angry wife might come at you after being told for the umpteenth time, that’s not how you pack the dishwasher), and provided you haven’t loaded it with dishwasher tablets that look like they were chipped from Moses’ stone tablets just to save a few pennies, then the result should be satisfactory (but not brilliant) unless…

    You load it with Finish Quantum with Power Gel tablets. Then you’ll end up with a dishwasher that sparkles more than Liberace in a mirror-ball shop and end up with dishes so clean, you could eat off them! When it comes to easy detergent, these are the goods I tells ya! (more…)

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    This morning we moseyed on down to Westfield Southland for a free children’s activity, Cookie Decorating with Cookie Monster! (Granted, it’s less mosey-like when you don’t actually have a horse, but at least I was wearing chaps.)

    And Westfield really went all out, spending the big bickies on the most expensive cookies you can lay your hands on, Marie biscuits. For those of who don’t know, the Marie biscuit is somewhere between a cardboard circle and a drink coaster…yummo.

    We iced that puppy up and pimped it out with our selection of smarties, gummi bears, mini-mallows and lolly bananas. Mind you, as fast as they were appearing on the cookie, they were also disappearing down Indy’s throat. Until we spied the hero of the day…

    In the blue corner, standing 6 foot 2 inches, 198 lbs, terrifying children at a single blow, the munching, crunching…

    Cookie Monster!


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