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    If you could put ‘sleep’ in a box and sell it, there would be a clambering of parents spanning the globe several times over. Like the pandemonium of the Boxing Day sales, there would be a tsunami surge of weary-eyed mums and dads who would stop at nothing to get their hands on that tranquil holy grail. And the queue starts with ME.

    You think gold is a rare and precious commodity? Ha-ha-ha-ha, I laugh in your face, ‘gold’.  You are but a worthless wooden penny against the rarity and value of a good 40-winks. Hell, the street-value of an uninterrupted 15 minute power-nap is beyond the computational capabilities of any super-computer. Yet, we’ll gladly mortgage our house to pay for one. (more…)

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    LEGO®: Build It And They Will Come

    Field Of Dreams has nothing on LEGO when it comes to bringing people (and families) together. Like flies to a honey pot or children to a crinkle of candybar wrappers, the very whiff of freshly-opened moulded plastic squares will have them crossing oceans and galaxies to get to it.

    And when it comes to Christmas gift ideas, it’s the perfect present, hands down. And why wouldn’t it be? LEGO was awesome when I was a kid and continues to be awesome to my own kids today. And when we can #BuildItTogether as a family, it brings us all closer together than Eugene Levy’s eyebrows. There’s something very nostalgic and cool about building something fun with my kids that I enjoyed so much when I was their age. And something they don’t roll their eyes at because it’s ‘old’ (I’m looking at you, Rubik Cube). (more…)

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    Dadhacks For Healthy Eating

    Every parent knows, getting kids to eat healthy meals can be a bit like Jamie Lannister charging a dragon on horseback. Ram-raiding broccoli on the end of your lance is often met with a blistering inferno of refusal. It’s a fools errand and probably, one that will consequently leave at least one of you scorched horribly.

    The problem with healthy food, from a kid’s perspective, is that it tastes and looks horrible. In some cases, they’re probably right. I’m looking at you, green peas and brussell sprouts.

    Well, thank heavens for Whole Kids who’ve created an entire range of healthy options for kids. An Australian-owned, organic food company created by a real Mum and Dad who believe in unjunking our food and our lives. They choose the finest organic ingredients to make the yummiest and healthiest foods for your kids. Therefore, no artificial stuff, no funny numbers and definitely, no junk. Just real food made by real people. (more…)

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    Put Some Retro Style Back Into Your Music

    As a child of the 80’s, music was a major part of my existence. That, and big hair (yes, at one stage in my life, I actually had it). I worked part-time as a mobile disco and nightclub DJ and beat-mixed my fantastic black plastic to the likes of ACDC, Dexy’s Midnight Runners, Billy Joel and New Kids On The Block. I’d strap on my tinny Walkman cassette headphones, crank up Hewey Lewis And The News and hitch my skateboard to the tailgate of a passing 4×4 truck. Wait a minute, wasn’t that Marty McFly? Sure he made it popular but I was the true originator, at least, in my street. (more…)

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    Lightning McQueen is Back, Y’All

    The Disney/Pixar Cars Pit Stop and Lightning McQueen are back this year, at selected Supercars race days around Australia.

    In celebration of the upcoming release of Disney/Pixar’s Cars 3 on June 22, the Cars Pit Stop will be the ultimate racing destination for families of all ages at the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship events this year. Disney/Pixar Cars, Mack Trucks and Virgin Australia Supercars Championship have again joined forces to bring Australian families the ultimate Cars experience. With activities for all ages, fans willbe able to see the new-look Lightning McQueen before the film releases. Plus, Mack the Transporter will be on show, creating the perfect backdrop for a family selfie! (more…)

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    T’was the twelfth day of Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring except for two little mice, perched between Mumma and I on the couch. Eyes wide as saucers, breathless with anticipation. ‘A message for me…from Santa?’ my little bloke repeated, eyebrow cocked as if Spock had just been asked if approving a second season of Gogglebox was logical. And there on the TV screen, as large as life (or Matt Preston), was the man himself…

    “Santa Claus”.

    Live from the PNP (Portable North Pole) console, in brilliant HD quality. And the first three words uttered from beneath his massive white beard had our boy’s eyelids snap open like over-tensioned roller blinds…

    “Oh. Hello, Indy.”

    He’s never watched ice-cream or scurrying ants with this much intensity. Santa then took him on a secret tour of his wondrous village and reviewed his entire year from his personal book of ‘Indy’ complete with pics of his wonderful birthday party mid year and the not-so wonderful time he drew all over his own legs with Daddy’s textas. It’s as if Santa’s elves had been keeping tabs on him all year. And then the moment of truth arrived, Santa’s Verdict. Was Indy on the ‘Nice List’ or the ‘Naughty List’?

    Let’s just say, there were tears involved…and he was on the ‘Nice List’. I think the overwhelm of realising he’s an all but certain chance to get what he asked for for Christmas, was too much excitement for his precious heart.

    And then it was Alice’s turn. And although she’s only just turned one, she was still transfixed and jumping with excitement as Santa reviewed her year and made a special mention about her starting to walk. Which totally blew Indy’s mind. (more…)

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    Thank you to everyone who entered the 40YrOldDad Sphero 2.0 Dad’s Day Giveaway. A lucky winner has been selected at random and a brand spanking new Sphero 2.0 will be sent out directly to you, just in time for Father’s Day!

    There’s absolutely no pressure on the winner to name their new Sphero 2.0 after me, but, my head does somewhat resemble a similar sort of roundness. 😉

    Without further ado…

    Emma Murray our Sphero 2.0 Dad's Day Giveaway Winner

    Congratulations, Emma Murray!!

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    Speaking primarily as a man and as a 43 year old ‘man-child’, there’s two things I’ve always enjoyed playing with, (but we’ll leave Mumma out of this for now). Two ‘other’ things I’ve always been fond of playing with, are balls and technology. And until now, these two things have always been utilised completely separate from each other, (discounting the DIY robot hand debacle of ’87; still wincing after that one). But thanks to some very clever folks at GoSphero.com, they’ve melded them together to make the coolest frickin’ thing ever!

    Sphero 2.0

    Check out this video as Indy and I put our Sphero to the test.

    So…What Is Sphero?

    Sphero is the app-controlled ball that does it all. (more…)

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    What could possibly be worse than the sound of a mozzie buzzing your ear in bed in the darkness? — NOTHING…nothing could be worse than that. (With the possible exception of TWO MOZZIES or…Brynne Edelsten and Jeanne Little auditioning for The Voice).

    No bug is as smack-worthy nor brings a cringe to your spine quicker than a run in with this ravenous vampiric blood-sucking insect, but enough of Tony Abbott, I’m talking about the dreaded…mozzie.

    I remember a time in Bali we were eating at a restaurant and our legs were aggressively set upon under the table by mozzies. Like Bruce Lee fending off an onslaught of Ninjas, our hands were a blur as we slapped our arms and legs more often than a German at Oktoberfest. I ran a kilometre or so to find a store that stocked a can of mozzie spray, then sweatily ran back so we could finish our dinner without leaping and banging our knees under the table every ten seconds.

    And now that we have our own mini-adventurer, there’s a whole host of concerns to worry about when it comes to mozzie protection. First of all, we don’t want to spray or rub in chemicals that could be doing who-knows-what to his precious skin. Using it on ourselves is just as worrying. We need to be mindful that we have it on our hands, especially since we use them to dig foreign objects out of his mouth or wipe his snotty nose. And lit mozzie coils on the ground could be a red beacon in the darkness to little fingers and an inquiring mind.

    That’s when a little godsend flew into my Inbox, (that’s what Mumma said when I got her pregnant again). 😉 Introducing Europe’s number one mosquito protection device… (more…)

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    Sponsored By Nuffnang

    If you were alive in the late 70’s, you’d surely remember one of Australia’s greatest game shows, Blankety Blanks, hosted by the late great, Graham Kennedy. It was Channel 10’s ratings-baby and had us glued to the set in stitches, weeknights at 7pm, to witness the madcap, innuendo-ridden hilarity that always ended with a cheeky ‘Dick’ joke between Gra-Gra and Ugly Dave Gray.

    And for 1 in 20 men in Australia with fertility issues, shooting ‘Blankety Blanks’ is a major concern that can stand in the way of feeling like a real man and making your very own baby. And much like the amount of cigars Ugly Dave Gray consumed during the taping of the show, that’s a pretty high number.

    A common misconception with couples having difficulties getting pregnant, is that the issue is generally “women’s business”. Age is the most predominant issue and asking a woman hers, may result in a swift kick to the testes causing further fertility issues and the cycle continues. However, the next most common cause of fertility issues after a woman’s age, are male factor issues (about 40% of the time). Probably related to asking a woman’s age. (more…)

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