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    Legoland® Discovery Centre Melbourne

    The Southern Hemisphere’s first ultimate indoor Legoland playground opened its doors to the public and we got an exclusive inside peek at this amazing new family attraction at Chadstone – The Fashion Capital. Under the five hours of non-stop activity and scrutiny of our 4 and 2½ year old kids, we are happy to report that everything is in fact, AWESOME.

    Just how awesome is it?

    It was finished 6 weeks ahead of schedule – AWESOME. (But clearly had plenty of detailed graphic instruction booklets on how to assemble it all together to work from.)

    Over 2 million bricks used in the construction of a MINILAND Melbourne, featuring the MCG, Arts Centre and ‘the big chip’ among 25 iconic Melbourne landmarks – AWESOME. (Including a homeless man lying in the park, or maybe he just fell over?)

    Thirteen family friendly attractions AND a 4D cinema – AWESOME. (You may get sprayed. I sure hope it’s water.)

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    No, it’s not Quasimodo seeking safety from the pitchforks and blazing torches of an unruly mob in Notre Dame, but a safe haven for many indigenous Australian animals (some endangered) set in beautiful bush surrounds of Healesville, and we had a ‘hunch’ (ahem, sorry!) that Indy would just love it.

    In a blaze of oohs and ahhs, we trekked our way through the dusty winding tracks of the Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary. It’s an awesome day out for the family with plenty of wildlife on display.

    Highlights for Indy, was the Spirits of the Sky birds of prey show, which had raptors, buzzards, owls and parrots swooping overhead so close you’d cop one in the ear if you stood up, culminating in an up-close and personal appearance of a majestic and enormous wedge-tailed eagle. At which point I swear I heard Mick Dundee in my ear, ‘that’s not a talon…that’s a talon!’

    Magificent as it was, it didn’t compare to the stunning bird sat next to me with our boy on her lap – Mummus beautificus Wifus 😉 (more…)

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  • 2014: OUR 7-11 YEAR

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    Today marks the beginning of a very special time for us.

    Our 7th Year Wedding Anniversary.

    But this year also marks our 11th Year Anniversary of being together.

    Hence, 2014 will hereforeafter be known as…

    Our 7-11 Year.

    And the secret of our eternal youthful outlook on life, is the occasional dip in the fountain of youth down at the Peninsula Hot Springs.

    And it was Indy’s inaugural dip into the mineral elixir of life and tranquility. He had his learning face on for a great deal of the time, which indicated to us that he’s taking mental notes and filing this place away in his memory banks of ‘things to always remember’. (more…)

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    “Home…home on the range. Where the pigs and the creepy goats play…”

    Ever had an unexpected surprise that turned something potentially ho-hum into something ho-ly crap, this is pretty cool? Like when they originally announced Big Brother was returning, but instead of Gretel Killeen hosting, it will be Sonia Kruger. Or when Matt Smith was first announced as the 11th Doctor Who. Or when M&M’s announced they were adding peanuts to their candy?

    Well, the same thing happened when Mumma announced she was taking Granny, Indy and myself to…The Collingwood Children’s Farm.

    In my head, I had imagined a small petting zoo. A few corrals with straw, some guinea pigs, rabbits and something exotic thrown in. Maybe a man-eating tarantula…like, Paris Hilton? I mean, it’s Collingwood for crying out loud (ie: inner-city suburbia), what do you expect to fit inside a 1×1 bedroom apartment on top of a fish’n’chip shop? But when we arrived, I had to check we hadn’t just blown in off a tornado because what we saw there definitely had a, “I don’t think we’re in Kansas no more”, kind of vibe to it. (more…)

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