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    Today, I had my redundancy package served to me on a spoon. A baby spoon to be precise.

    The last 16 months I’ve enjoyed sitting with Indy, serving him a hearty breakfast every day of porridge, banana and vegemite toast. He’s been handling his own toast and banana for quite some time now, manipulating every handful skilfully like a ping-pong ball in a clown’s mouth, but porridge duty was always Daddy’s domain.

    Like a Roman Emperor being hand fed grapes, Indy was always content to sit back and let Daddy shovel in his sustenance in bite size spoonfuls. That is, until today.


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    Now that we’ve moved into the solid food stage, besides ducking hurtling produce projectiles and chiseling 3 day old pumpkin out of the carpet, occasionally some food actually finds its way into Indy’s mouth.

    And now that he has half a dozen teeth in there (that’s five more than the average Collingwood supporter), sources tell us he can pretty much start eating whatever we eat. And as long as he’s not eating my chocolate (punishable by death), we owe it to him to make sure that everything that goes in there is a healthy option.

    Hence, I was invited to participate in the Blogconnect Pizza Masterclass put on by the good folks @KeepLeftPR and sponsored by Bakers Delight, Leggo’s, Perfect Italiano, Woolworths and Dan Murphy’s. Hold the phone…Pizza a healthy option? It sure can be, and I can’t believe how much I didn’t know about making a pizza…‘perfect’.

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    Who’s there?
    My six monks.
    My six monks who?
    My six monks old baby, that’s who!

    Can you believe it? Our little bloke has just notched up half a year on his nappy belt. Which makes me wonder if he’s still considered a baby or is he now a toddler? And what actually is the difference? Sources tell me a toddler is when he starts wearing velvet robes, a cravat, smokes a pipe and sips martinis. (“Sources” is a term used loosely for the voices in my head). And if that’s the case, Hugh Hefner is the luckiest toddler in town. (more…)

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