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    I feel just like Carol-Anne in Poltergeist, sitting in front of the tv…

    “They’re here…”

    Week 14 and…”Baby got back!” (It also has arms, legs, fingers, toes, etc).

    Thankfully, my family has arrived safe and sound and we’re all back together again. Now I get to bare my claws and stand over them both, like a defensive tiger fends for it’s cubs, “Heeeeeeeche!”

    It was a little weird at first, to be back in each other’s arms after 4 weeks. I felt like a teenager on prom night…all goofy and nervous (and wondering what my date looks like naked?)

    And I also discovered that at Week 14, my wife has developed some rather unique talents…

    My wife has become…

    …a Shapeshifter (cool) 🙂 (more…)

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    AUTHOR: // CATEGORY: 1st Trimester, Body Functions, In the Womb

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    So, we’re one week off the elusive 12 week mark, sitting pretty at Week 11.

    The bad news for the little lady…she “stars” again in her own dreadful sequel of…

    Star Wars Episode III – Revenge of the Sicks!

    She at least had one week of reprieve from driving the white porcelain bus, but no escape for her I’m afraid. Like Al Pacino in the Godfather Part III

    “Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in.”

    But that can only mean…things are still on track!

    And knowing what’s happening in Inner Space, it’s no wonder she’s feeling sick. At 11 weeks, our baby starts drinking the amniotic fluid and it’s kidneys start to work, filtering it into the bladder which empties itself back out into the amniotic fluid, and thus…the circle of life continues. (more…)

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    AUTHOR: // CATEGORY: 1st Trimester, Body Functions

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    I never realised MORNING SICKNESS, would be a bit like…

    The opening beach scene from…Saving Private Ryan!

    It’s violent, gruesome, incessant and…I’m sure I heard a lung come up, (at least once).

    And just as it was, as a spectator to the atrocities on the beach from the safety of my cinema seat, I find myself squelching and squirming at the atrocities happening in our bathroom…and feeling equally as powerless to do anything to help my poor, lovely, Private Ryan.

    I wish there was something I could do to help. I feel as useless as a no-armed man in a frisbee throwing contest.

    That sweaty little face with the morky expression, the reddened cheeks of total exhaustion, the complete and utter depletion of a body, fully spent(I can’t believe I look that bad, when all I’m doing is watching).

    But remember…the “no touching” rule, is still in effect! (more…)

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