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    That is the question…

    I’m addressing the real nitty-gritty this week. The ONE question that is on every new dad’s mind during pregnancy…

    And according to our Balinese gynaecologist, it’s…

     “Tidak apa-apa”No problem 🙂


    He did say that there is a chemical in semen, which can actually soften the uterus wall. And seeing as you don’t want to take any risks or complications that may cause anything to go wrong…

    You have to go…“outside”

    Wow, seriously? Whatever will the neighbours think? I’m a nature lover at heart, but I don’t want ticks or bugs crawling into any holes they shouldn’t be crawling into.

    My lovely lady whispers in my ear… (more…)

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    Our little tenant turns Sweet 16...(Weeks, that is), which means we have plenty of things to celebrate.

    There’s an old saying, “It’s hard to keep a good man down”, well, in my beautiful lady’s case, the same can be said for food.

    But thankfully, at this stage in the game…

    The “sicks” have finally left the building…

    Which means, my lovely lady can finally enjoy…

    “Food, glorious food!”

    There’s nothing so satisfying or brings a tear to the eye more than the enjoyment of watching your loved one crawl into the belly of a wild boarand eat her way out. Oh, the joy! To finally order and finish a pizza with the lot…chairs, tables…everything. To see the waiter cringe nervously and patrons run screaming for their lives at the “all-you-can-eat buffet”. Makes a man feel proud 🙂 (more…)

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    Week 15 – Holy cow!

    Officially moves us into the…

    2nd trimester and a brand new year…2012!

    At this point, our little tenant is the size of an avocado. Hopefully without the green bumpy skin (I’ve seen “V”…so no lizard baby, please).

    All kinds of things are happening.

    Fingernails and toenails are starting to grow, as well as being able to make facial movements, as well as the inner ear bones are starting to harden. Which means, soon I’ll be able to tell if it can hear my jokes and judge their quality by the look on it’s face. Maybe we could install a sunroof in mama’s belly so we can peep straight in. Hmm, better not. In case I get the urge to install an eight-track player to go with it…and that’s just all kinds of uncomfortable.

    Eyebrows are starting to form and most amazingly, our tiny baby can do something even I can’t do


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