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    School kids! We have school kids here.

    Or as we like to say…

    ‘How the hell did that happen?’

    It seemed like only yesterday, our kids weren’t in school. That’s because yesterday, they actually weren’t. They were very hungry caterpillars in a fairy garden. Then suddenly, BOOM. They’re bloomin’ butterflies, in the blink of an eye.

    Today was Indy’s first day of school and Alice’s first day of 3 year old Kinder. Here they are with their new apartments on their back. (more…)

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    If you could put ‘sleep’ in a box and sell it, there would be a clambering of parents spanning the globe several times over. Like the pandemonium of the Boxing Day sales, there would be a tsunami surge of weary-eyed mums and dads who would stop at nothing to get their hands on that tranquil holy grail. And the queue starts with ME.

    You think gold is a rare and precious commodity? Ha-ha-ha-ha, I laugh in your face, ‘gold’.  You are but a worthless wooden penny against the rarity and value of a good 40-winks. Hell, the street-value of an uninterrupted 15 minute power-nap is beyond the computational capabilities of any super-computer. Yet, we’ll gladly mortgage our house to pay for one. (more…)

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    LEGO®: Build It And They Will Come

    Field Of Dreams has nothing on LEGO when it comes to bringing people (and families) together. Like flies to a honey pot or children to a crinkle of candybar wrappers, the very whiff of freshly-opened moulded plastic squares will have them crossing oceans and galaxies to get to it.

    And when it comes to Christmas gift ideas, it’s the perfect present, hands down. And why wouldn’t it be? LEGO was awesome when I was a kid and continues to be awesome to my own kids today. And when we can #BuildItTogether as a family, it brings us all closer together than Eugene Levy’s eyebrows. There’s something very nostalgic and cool about building something fun with my kids that I enjoyed so much when I was their age. And something they don’t roll their eyes at because it’s ‘old’ (I’m looking at you, Rubik Cube). (more…)

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    Parental Intimacy: There’s Always A Chance

    If you’re a parent, then you know the very act of intimacy that got you into that predicament in the first place, is a far less common practice than your tiredness (and children) will allow. The spirit is willing but the body is weak, as the old saying goes.

    In some instances, it can be as rare as a Halley’s Comet sighting. A once or twice-a-lifetime thing, if you’re lucky. In others, it’s like a star-nosed mole that is spotted occasionally, but only at night. And when you have two early-risers who bound out of bed with a rocket-force of 5 million Newtons at the mere suggestion the sun could be coming up at any second, then the chance of a ‘morning-nookie’ is exactly the same as Karl Stefanovic quitting drinking.

    It’s slim, but as Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber will tell you, there’s always a chance. (more…)

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    Dadhacks For Healthy Eating

    Every parent knows, getting kids to eat healthy meals can be a bit like Jamie Lannister charging a dragon on horseback. Ram-raiding broccoli on the end of your lance is often met with a blistering inferno of refusal. It’s a fools errand and probably, one that will consequently leave at least one of you scorched horribly.

    The problem with healthy food, from a kid’s perspective, is that it tastes and looks horrible. In some cases, they’re probably right. I’m looking at you, green peas and brussell sprouts.

    Well, thank heavens for Whole Kids who’ve created an entire range of healthy options for kids. An Australian-owned, organic food company created by a real Mum and Dad who believe in unjunking our food and our lives. They choose the finest organic ingredients to make the yummiest and healthiest foods for your kids. Therefore, no artificial stuff, no funny numbers and definitely, no junk. Just real food made by real people. (more…)

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    Put Some Retro Style Back Into Your Music

    As a child of the 80’s, music was a major part of my existence. That, and big hair (yes, at one stage in my life, I actually had it). I worked part-time as a mobile disco and nightclub DJ and beat-mixed my fantastic black plastic to the likes of ACDC, Dexy’s Midnight Runners, Billy Joel and New Kids On The Block. I’d strap on my tinny Walkman cassette headphones, crank up Hewey Lewis And The News and hitch my skateboard to the tailgate of a passing 4×4 truck. Wait a minute, wasn’t that Marty McFly? Sure he made it popular but I was the true originator, at least, in my street. (more…)

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    A Minecraft Party Please

    Unsure whether I fell asleep in a Delorean or put my clock ahead too far during daylight savings. The tiny Marge Simpson-shaped baby I held in my arms and watched open his eyes for the very first time in his new-born life, suddenly aged 5 years before my very own eyes. How can this be? It’s a joke, right? I have to be dreaming. After all, petrol is under $1.15, Gogglebox has been renewed for another season AND…Donald Trump is President of Dementia.

    But sure enough, it’s ALL true. Our boy is five.

    Hard to believe that only yesterday our toes were dipped in the relaxing serenity of a Balinese swimming pool and today, we’re completely submerged in the calamity of Lightning McQueen, YouTube Kids and Minecraft. None of which I had ever heard of or had any inkling about until our boy educated us on such matters. Now, it’s all a part of our every day lives, like Donald Trump memes or taking a dump.

    So, it was no surprise when Indy told us he wanted to have a Minecraft Lego themed party for his 5th birthday. What was a surprise to us, is that he really actually meant it. So, it was off to the crafting-table blackboard to nut our heads together and plan a fun-filled occasion, for just such an occasion. Just one question first… (more…)

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    Legoland® Discovery Centre Melbourne

    The Southern Hemisphere’s first ultimate indoor Legoland playground opened its doors to the public and we got an exclusive inside peek at this amazing new family attraction at Chadstone – The Fashion Capital. Under the five hours of non-stop activity and scrutiny of our 4 and 2½ year old kids, we are happy to report that everything is in fact, AWESOME.

    Just how awesome is it?

    It was finished 6 weeks ahead of schedule – AWESOME. (But clearly had plenty of detailed graphic instruction booklets on how to assemble it all together to work from.)

    Over 2 million bricks used in the construction of a MINILAND Melbourne, featuring the MCG, Arts Centre and ‘the big chip’ among 25 iconic Melbourne landmarks – AWESOME. (Including a homeless man lying in the park, or maybe he just fell over?)

    Thirteen family friendly attractions AND a 4D cinema – AWESOME. (You may get sprayed. I sure hope it’s water.)

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    Lightning McQueen is Back, Y’All

    The Disney/Pixar Cars Pit Stop and Lightning McQueen are back this year, at selected Supercars race days around Australia.

    In celebration of the upcoming release of Disney/Pixar’s Cars 3 on June 22, the Cars Pit Stop will be the ultimate racing destination for families of all ages at the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship events this year. Disney/Pixar Cars, Mack Trucks and Virgin Australia Supercars Championship have again joined forces to bring Australian families the ultimate Cars experience. With activities for all ages, fans willbe able to see the new-look Lightning McQueen before the film releases. Plus, Mack the Transporter will be on show, creating the perfect backdrop for a family selfie! (more…)

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    Having Elfie stay with us over the Christmas break sure was exciting. Never knowing where he’ll end up next was certainly a highlight for the kids. Our Elf on the Shelf visitor certainly got up to some hi-jinx, which in retrospect, may be a lot to sustain in the future. (more…)

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