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    Put Some Retro Style Back Into Your Music

    As a child of the 80’s, music was a major part of my existence. That, and big hair (yes, at one stage in my life, I actually had it). I worked part-time as a mobile disco and nightclub DJ and beat-mixed my fantastic black plastic to the likes of ACDC, Dexy’s Midnight Runners, Billy Joel and New Kids On The Block. I’d strap on my tinny Walkman cassette headphones, crank up Hewey Lewis And The News and hitch my skateboard to the tailgate of a passing 4×4 truck. Wait a minute, wasn’t that Marty McFly? Sure he made it popular but I was the true originator, at least, in my street.

    There’s something about the style of 80’s music that never left me and seldom does my radio dial ever stray from Gold-104. Except of course to tune into the latest Swans football match if it’s not being televised. I’m a retro-Dad at heart and while I bear the musical barbs of ridicule from my family on a daily basis, I’m often forced to hunker down and listen quietly alone in my office. Reminiscent of hiding under my bed covers listening to Moonlight Shadow, haunted by the pale green glow of my first transistor radio as a kid. I think my family would just prefer I get with the times. I’m sure a lot of Dads out there can relate.

    Well, hunker no more Daddy-O’s. There’s a new way to keep your musical ear firmly planted in both camps. Straddling the nostalgic chunkin’ awesomeness of yesterday with the sleek precision and coolness of today.

    The VQ Retro Mini

    (mic drop, walks away).

    Retro Mini Promo

    Retro style, mini design and modern sound.

    Oh, no you di’nt. Um, yeah. I did. Deal with it.

    The only way to make my music cool to my kids is to make it look and sound cool to them. I shouldn’t be hunkering down, keeping quiet to myself. I should be cranking that joyousness to eleven and let those beats drop.

    A delicious fusion of sound & style, these bad boys from British-made VQ, come in a wide range of colours and stylish prints to suit your own particular taste. Jammed with award-winning technology you can stream music directly from your smartphone, tablet or MP3 player with Bluetooth connectivity. And totally portable by the way, so your kids can hear those Creedence Clearwater tones wherever you go…WHEREVER you go.

    These are no el-cheapo plastic wannabes, they’re housed inside a real wooden case for quality acoustic sound. Like nectar for your ears, putting you in total control with a range of presets and custom controls to maximize your music’s awesomeness. AND it even has two inbuilt Lifestyle Alarms that you can set and choose to wake up to either a buzzer or radio.

    So, here’s the thing. You probably have or know of, a retro-Dad yourself, who’s always banging on about how much better things were in his day. There’s also a thing coming up called, Father’s Day. Mesh the two together. The perfect fusion of present & occasion. Turn back the clock this Father’s Day with a Retro Mini, available at David Jones from August 19th.

    Your Dad, and your ears, will thank you.

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