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    If you have kids under 5, then no doubt you’ll be familiar with biscuit crumbs wedged in the cracks of your car seat and couch. You’ll also most likely be familiar with CBeebies TV shows, Hey Duggee and Go Jetters. They’re two of our most favourite shows to watch, if you can actually see the screen beneath a myriad of greasy fingerprints and two heads clambering to get as close to the screen as possible, whenever they come on. So, the excitement of meeting Duggee and Ubercorn in real-life was as high as my hairline.

    Duggee hugs for everyone!

    Hey Duggee Clubhouse

    Set up in the CBeebies Area of the AFL Kids Zone section of the Foxtel Footie Festival in Yarra Park, the Hey Duggee and Go Jetters interactive experiences are an active and fun way to keep the littlies amused. Plus, contained enough to keep them corralled safely in the absence of a herding sheep dog.

    First of all, besides a meet’n’greet with Duggee, the Hey Duggee Clubhouse Zone offers an array of interactive experiences based on earning badges from the show. The Super Squirrel Badge where you don your cape and take an awesome photo on the trampoline. The Drawing Badge lets you indulge in arts and crafts or chalk it up on the giant blackboard. The Funny Face Badge lets you make your favourite funny face on a totem pole. And finally, the iPad Zone to check out the Hey Duggee apps and episodes.

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    Go Jetters Zone

    In the Go Jetters Zone we got our disco on with Ubercorn. We also took our pic aboard the Vroomster and the Go Jetters selfies. The kids really enjoyed tackling the magnetic Monument Puzzle and the arts and crafts in the World of Craft Zone. Plus, the Jet Pad Tech Zone where we got to check out the Go Jetters app and catch up with other episodes. There’s something in me about meeting a costumed character that still brings out the excited kid in me. It’s hard to know who’s more excited when we meet them, me or the kids.

    Most of all, it was a really fun experience. Capped off with a generous Hey Duggee goodie bag with our very own Duggee plushy and activity books and videos. If you haven’t had the chance to watch them, you can catch Hey Duggee and Go Jetters on ABC2 or via the CBeebies website. Great shows featuring the ingenuity and geographic adventure of Go Jetters and the humour and fun of Hey Duggee that appeals to both kids and adults alike.

    Check them out.


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