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    Wow, what a nut-cracker of a day we had today when we hosted our very own official ‘Chipnic Party’ to help celebrate the digital release of Alvin & the Chipmunks: The Road Chip movie, on iTunes, just before Easter.

    Not since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the courtship of Rachel and Ross or the time Mumma looked at me suggestively and said, “you know, the kids are both asleep”, has there been such an air of excitement and eager anticipation. It was all hands and paws on deck as we prepped and fluffed with the help of some fury friends to get things ‘chip-shape’ for the big day.

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    And when the day finally arrived, BOOM — we had a visit from the big guy himself, Alvin, right out of the starting gate to help get the Chipnic Party rockin’. It was a real mixture of emotions for both adults and kids alike. For the kids, it was great to see their faces light up with excited squeals to come face-to-knee with a giant Alvin, and for the adults, our lit faces and excited squeals triggered nostalgic feelings and memories from when we were kids and bombarded our own parents ears with the shrilling sounds of Chipmunk Punk. As one Mum put it as she cuddled excitedly under Alvin’s arm, “My childhood favourite.”

    So, this movie isn’t just for the kids, there’s an emotional adult connection too. And seeing as the Chipmunks have been together longer than some of us have been alive, starting in 1958, these guys are now pushing 58, yet, Alvin still looks pretty incredible for his age. And not a grey hair (or Chipmunk), in sight. What is that smell, Rogaine?

    To keep the Chipnic Party vibe humming, we had a host of Chipmunk related activities to keep everyone involved. Colouring stencils, memory cards, dot-to-dots and masks to do there and take home and we cranked up the volume as Alvin led the kids into some Uptown Munk dance moves where we all got to shake off our Squeaky Wiggle, to the upbeat sounds of Red Foo’s Juicy Wiggle.

    High-five’s and air guitars all round as Alvin hit the road again for another fury-leg of his Road Chip journey, as the kids snacked into their Chipnic hamper kindly supplied to us by The Party Wizard before the big moment arrived. Nestled into their perches, eyes wild with excitement in front of the big TV for the screening to begin, the kids might have been a little excited as well.

    And what a treat it is. Probably my most favourite of all the Chipmunk movies plus, Alvin has some pretty serious ninja tricks up his red hoodie sleeves as well. I think you know you’re onto a good thing when your kids start playing and re-enacting the film as it’s still playing, just make sure there’s no toothpicks within reach (spoiler).

    Some terrific take-home treats for the kids including Chipmunk cups, luggage tags, car stickers, a tiny plush toy and the cutest Alvin baseball caps with tiny ears you’ve ever seen, were all feathers in the cap to a terrific Chipnic party experience. Check out these great pics from the day, plus you can view more pics and videos on Twitter and Facebook, at #ChipmunksOnDigitalHD.

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    A huge ‘nut-out’ to 20th Century Fox, Lucy and Liesel at The Entertainment Store, The Party Wizard and Rob Tolan & Rhania Farah at Frank PR for helping us celebrate in true Chipmunk style. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the trailer below and why ‘nut’ host your own Chipnic party as well.

    Alvin & The Chipmunks: The Road Chip is out now on iTunes and on Blu-ray & DVD, March 31.  Get it on iTunes here.

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