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    T’was the twelfth day of Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring except for two little mice, perched between Mumma and I on the couch. Eyes wide as saucers, breathless with anticipation. ‘A message for me…from Santa?’ my little bloke repeated, eyebrow cocked as if Spock had just been asked if approving a second season of Gogglebox was logical. And there on the TV screen, as large as life (or Matt Preston), was the man himself…

    “Santa Claus”.

    Live from the PNP (Portable North Pole) console, in brilliant HD quality. And the first three words uttered from beneath his massive white beard had our boy’s eyelids snap open like over-tensioned roller blinds…

    “Oh. Hello, Indy.”

    He’s never watched ice-cream or scurrying ants with this much intensity. Santa then took him on a secret tour of his wondrous village and reviewed his entire year from his personal book of ‘Indy’ complete with pics of his wonderful birthday party mid year and the not-so wonderful time he drew all over his own legs with Daddy’s textas. It’s as if Santa’s elves had been keeping tabs on him all year. And then the moment of truth arrived, Santa’s Verdict. Was Indy on the ‘Nice List’ or the ‘Naughty List’?

    Let’s just say, there were tears involved…and he was on the ‘Nice List’. I think the overwhelm of realising he’s an all but certain chance to get what he asked for for Christmas, was too much excitement for his precious heart.

    And then it was Alice’s turn. And although she’s only just turned one, she was still transfixed and jumping with excitement as Santa reviewed her year and made a special mention about her starting to walk. Which totally blew Indy’s mind.

    We must have watched those messages a half-dozen times in a row and as Mumma and I shared loving looks between us as our kids raved with excitement, I felt incredibly fortunate to live in an age where it’s possible to make magic real and help create such extraordinary experiences for our kids, and felt incredibly jealous we never had the PNP when I was a kid.

    I love magic and childhood is so brief in retrospect. I love anything that helps bring magic into my children’s lives and the PNP has gone to extraordinary lengths to bring that magic to life.

    So Santa, what exactly is the PNP – Portable North Pole?

    It’s the best kept secret since Santa himself. PNP is one of the most personal Santa experiences in the world, where you can easily create customised video or phone messages from Santa Claus for whoever you like, adding information about the recipient and uploading photos for a completely personalised greeting. The high-­‐quality messages make the magic of the North Pole village come alive! No kidding, the production quality of the sets, costumes and special effects is unbelievable. If you stopped believing in Santa, this will convince you he’s more real than Donald Trump’s hair.

    There’s also a PNP mobile App (iOS and Android) which as well as being able to view and create both video and audio messages, also includes the Kids Corner designed for little ones to view their Santa messages and play exclusive games where you sort gifts by color, shake ornaments off a tree, and interact with the funny elves. We played hilariously with the Elves for like an hour or so.

    The best part of it all, is that it is absolutely FREE. You can do everything I said at no cost whatsoever. But to truly maximise your experience, in addition to the free video message for kids and grown-ups, there are other packages to choose from ranging in price from $3.99 – $12.99. These bundles unlock the enchanting experience of seven Premium storyline videos up to 6 minutes long featuring beautiful footage of Santa’s reindeer, the delightful antics of the elves, the bustle of Santa’s Post Office and more.

    In the spirit of giving, PNP donates five percent of all web sales to more than 40 children’s hospitals around the world. More than $150,000 has been raised since 2012 and has contributed much needed resources for care and research, spreading the Christmas spirit to sick kids and their families around the world.

    As a special gift from me to you, the elves at PNP are offering 20% off any paid products, if you enter the code BLG20PNP when you are at the check-out.

    Simply visit and get up close and personal with the big man in red this Christmas.

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

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