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    For a couple weeks now our boy has been exhibiting great strides in independence. Wanting to do many things on his own like climbing the playground equipment, taking himself to the potty or trading blue chip shares on Wall Street.

    But today at 3 years and 15 days, our little boy surprised us both when for the very first time in his life he sidled up to my side of the bed at 6:47am to announce…

    “Me dress myself!”

    A feat even some adults find difficult to accomplish, especially at 6:47am on a Monday. And when my bleary eyes failed me, my hands ran across him in the darkness like a brail Detective novel. Confirming that yes, he’d managed to Houdini his way out of the zip-up onesie, singlet and pull-up he went to bed in and was now wearing jocks, tracky-dacks, a t-shirt and a long-sleeve top. Mind you, the t-shirt was inside out and his right arm was twisted inside the sleeve of his top like an anaconda in a burlap sack, but the evidence was clear. He’d managed it all on his own.

    My immediate thrill then turned to despair as I realised my boy is growing up and every day, requires our assistance less and less. And in my moment of self-pity, a sudden thought struck me, ‘Did you have a poo in your pull-ups?’ 

    ‘Yes, me do poo in my pull-ups. Me put it on towel’, he replied.

    If snapping from semi-slumber to wide awake and springing from bed to the other end of the house in a split second was an Olympic event, I just took out the gold.

    His pull-up did in fact contain some nuggety goodness, but considerately, he’d layed it atop a dry flannel from the bathroom on his bedroom carpet. ‘See, me put it on towel.’ — Phew!

    But me have poo on my pillow.’ Sure enough, a quick examination proved he’d clearly tried to wipe his butt with his pillow cover. And when we tried to figure out how he got his clothes down from the cupboard in the first place, he told us he just got them out of the basket (his dirty clothes basket). That’s ingenuity for you, but I say again, jocks, tracky-dacks, t-shirt and top. Do I need to point out the first one again?

    But full points for effort.

    Our little boy is flexing his Indy-pendence and growing up fast. Looks like we’ll be leaving ‘clean’ clothes out for him in the mornings from now on.

    pewey pillow

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