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    Being a Dad is a pretty awesome and often tough job.

    It’s funny to look back on my memories of my Baby Boomer Dad and compare them to myself today and just how ‘uncool’ I feel in comparison. Like the sideburns and handle-bar moustache which required a permit to feed them. Flares so wide you could hide a Boeing jet behind them. Collars so long and pointed they were registered as lethal weapons. Not to mention the platform shoes so high, you had to run up three flights of stairs just to get into them. Yet, somehow…

    He was cool.

    Maybe because he reminded me of Steve Austin, the Bionic Man. My younger brother still has furrows in his brow from trying to replicate that stoic powerful cocking of the eyebrow that both my Dad and Steve had in common.

    Maybe it was because he played guitar and was good…damn good.

    Or maybe it was because he used to draw cowboys for me on the back of the Weeties box for me to cut out and play with.

    Or maybe its just because he was my dad, that he just seemed larger than life and cooler than cool.

    Maybe my kids will feel the same about me?

    Not realising that truth be told, I still feel like a bumbling teenager trying to fudge my way through it.

    Maybe my dad felt the same? (And probably still does?)

    Nevertheless, it’s fun to look back and make those comparisons and with Father’s Day looming soon, I was contacted by Julissa from Shari’s Berries who has put together an awesome graphic comparison between Baby Boomer Dads and Millennial Dads.

    Check out The Evolution of Dads and share it with your friends. I’m sure you’ll get a great laugh out of it as I did.

    And if you’re stuck for something to get your dad for Father’s Day, well, you’ll find a few chocolatey delicious ideas over there as well.

    Click the image for the link
    Evolution of Dads

    Baby Boomer Dads vs Millennial Dads

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