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    One of the greatest most fun things about Christmas, is driving around checking out other people’s Christmas light displays. And in our area alone, there’s some pretty awesome ones. The kind of displays that make you go, ‘man, I’d love to do something like that’, with the kind of electrical bills that make you go, ‘man, I sure am glad I didn’t do something like that.’

    Plus, it was the first time ever that we took our kids out to experience them and Indy was super excited. Seeing as it doesn’t actually get dark until nearly 9pm because of daylight savings, he still went to bed at his usual 7 o’clock but we woke him at 9pm and we all snuck out to the car like ninja spies on a secret mission…dressed in Thomas the Tank Engine urban camouflage.

    As we drove around, we’d mapped out a few places on the GPS and walking to our first place, I laughed at Indy rubbing his hands together with eager anticipation like he was about to do something really super exciting…or hatch an evil plan for world domination.

    And every place we went to just got better and better.

    My two personal favourites being;

    Christmas Lights on Enterprise Ave

    With a dazzling window and garage display that puts the Myer Christmas Windows to shame and something I’ve never seen done before with a home. Plus a dancing laser show on the ground and a life-size Homer Simpson Santa who talks and dances. Me want, me want, me want…

    And topping it all off was this totally amazing interactive experience at;

    Lights on Hoya

    Where you could walk onto their property and marvel at their collection of Christmas knick-knacks, boogie with a robotic dancing Santa, be astounded at watching Santa eating and drinking on a projection screen in the window and spend hours playing in the snow (which we did). Indy was having so much fun there we stayed for a good hour or so, just sliding in the foam of their snow machine. Which not only provided fun and joy for our little family, but also provided fun and joy for Andrew and his family who put the whole thing together.

    I spoke to Andrew and he said it was only their second year doing a Christmas display, but if you see it, you’d think he’d been doing it for years. Most of everything he put together he got plans for online or through some kind of Australian Christmas Light Appreciation Community and was just astounding. He built a ferris wheel in his front yard which his sister painted and erected an enormous Christmas tree of lights that towered over his actual house.

    Truly inspiring and he also told me they’re planning a Halloween display in 2015, so we’ll definitely check that one out too.

    It was an amazing night of magic and wonder but we have to get to bed before Santa arrives. And just so we’re straight, although it was a totally amazing night, it was almost hell getting Indy to bed again around 11pm. It was a good thing Santa had already put in his order.

    Check out all the fun we had in this little video.

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    Thanks for this it’s wonderful what you have said and a very prosperous New Year to you and your family

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