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    No, it’s not Quasimodo seeking safety from the pitchforks and blazing torches of an unruly mob in Notre Dame, but a safe haven for many indigenous Australian animals (some endangered) set in beautiful bush surrounds of Healesville, and we had a ‘hunch’ (ahem, sorry!) that Indy would just love it.

    In a blaze of oohs and ahhs, we trekked our way through the dusty winding tracks of the Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary. It’s an awesome day out for the family with plenty of wildlife on display.

    Highlights for Indy, was the Spirits of the Sky birds of prey show, which had raptors, buzzards, owls and parrots swooping overhead so close you’d cop one in the ear if you stood up, culminating in an up-close and personal appearance of a majestic and enormous wedge-tailed eagle. At which point I swear I heard Mick Dundee in my ear, ‘that’s not a talon…that’s a talon!’

    Magificent as it was, it didn’t compare to the stunning bird sat next to me with our boy on her lap – Mummus beautificus Wifus 😉

    Indy had his learning face on all day and even sat perusing the menu during lunch, deciding what to look at next. My favs were the OMG, it’s a frikin’ dinosaur-sized goannas which Indy (in agreement with my thoughts), growled at very loudly, and the smaller aviary of arid birds, finches and budgies that Indy went totally ape-shit crazy over, much to all the onlookers delight.

    And how caked in dust were our feet when we we got back to the car? My god, it’s how Fred Flintstone’s feet would look after foot pedalling his car or how Lady Gaga’s face would look after being in her makeup trailer before a show.

    It’s an exhausting day out and all three of us could have slept in the car on the way home, fortunately, only two of us did. But how Indy managed to reach the pedals and steer us home safely is still under review by the Eastlink Camera Operator Review Panel.

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