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    It’s the call you never want to get while holidaying in Bali. Life is high, you’re on top of the world and suddenly it hits. That apprehensive voice on the other end of the line calling from home in Australia. Right from the get go, you detect a slight tremor in the voice and a stunted hesitance which can only mean one thing…

    What do you mean, dead?

    “There was a thunder storm. An enormous power surge. It was very quick, there was nothing I could do…”

    Don’t say it. Don’t tell me, I don’t want to hear it!

    “I’m really, really sorry, but…your modem got fried. Your internet…is dead.”


    “It also blew up your microwave and the central heating has stopped working as well. And it’s totally freezing!”

    Not quite the news you want to hear while you’re away on holiday. The trip was costing us enough as it is, but our niece was doing us a favour by house-sitting for us while we were away. So we felt we owed it to her to at least make sure we didn’t come home to a frozen Popsicle gnawing on the leg of a sofa, and sprung for a new microwave, heating and most importantly…a new modem, so she wasn’t completely cut off from the outside world. (Okay, so I didn’t have to go a day without internet access once we got home…stop twisting my arm, you got what you needed).

    Cost us a pretty penny too. Money we could have spent on more important things like house and contents insurance, experimental medical research or more margaritas on the beach. I’ve since learned, the whole thing could have been avoided had I known about Crest Electronics range of Power Surge Protectors. (Sounds like a Superhero Gang).

    Which in a way, they actually are. In a pinch (or a freak storm or extreme weather event), they can actually save your life and the life of your electrical goods (don’t tell me my toaster wasn’t sweating it thinking, ‘that could have been me!’). Not to mention the precious little man we have living with us who may not respond to sparks of electricity shooting out the walls or appliances in a way that would be deemed at all favourable.

    With and Without Crest Platinum Surge Protectors

    The shocking truth is, you never know when or if it could happen. And plugging your gear into any of Crest’s ‘Power’ range of surge protectors means that whether you’re at home or on vacation, you got 24/7 protection against excessive power fluctuations coming through the grid. Which means ain’t no way your place is gettin’ all zapity-zappy up in your grill, tv, computer, fridge, sonic screwdriver or any other electrical device you may have.

    And that’s comfort and safety you can take to the bank (up to $75,000 in some cases with Crest’s connected equipment warranty. See packs for details).

    As for us, the next time Mumma asks if we have ‘protection’, I can confidently smile and say…

    ‘I got it covered.’ 😉

    When did a surge protector save your skin or wish you’d had one at the time? Do share…

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