2014: OUR 7-11 YEAR

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    Today marks the beginning of a very special time for us.

    Our 7th Year Wedding Anniversary.

    But this year also marks our 11th Year Anniversary of being together.

    Hence, 2014 will hereforeafter be known as…

    Our 7-11 Year.

    And the secret of our eternal youthful outlook on life, is the occasional dip in the fountain of youth down at the Peninsula Hot Springs.

    And it was Indy’s inaugural dip into the mineral elixir of life and tranquility. He had his learning face on for a great deal of the time, which indicated to us that he’s taking mental notes and filing this place away in his memory banks of ‘things to always remember’.

    It was a beautiful way to wake up and start the day and thoroughly recommend anyone else to get on down. And if you get there between 7:30am-9:30am, you get discount entry which is handy for anyone with families.

    Happy Anniversary, my love xxx

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