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    When asked to trial and review “The Greatest Toy in the Universe”, how could I possibly say no? And short of owning my own combat ready Ironman suit or life-size Dalek, this boy’s toy satisfies both my inner nerd and sci-fi geek. Plus, we wanted to make it a momentous occasion by putting together our very own short film with our little bloke in his first ever short film debut, where he gets to exercise his acting chops and see if he qualifies as a fully fledged member of our ‘Funsters’ (trademark pending) family.

    So, without further adieu.

    The long awaited most anticipated release of the year (so far).

    Please enjoy…

    ‘STRYDER’ – The movie

    'STRYDER' the movie

    Click image to play movie

    So, what’s got six legs, is explosive fun and provides hours upon hours of fun-loving entertainment?

    Answer: The 40YrOldDad Family (Mumma, Daddy and Indy) of course!

    But if you can’t afford the three of us (and frankly, who can?), then you might want to consider this…


    COMBAT CREATURES STRYDER and his red cousin DOOM RAZOR are the latest creations in ultimate battling Robots from Combat Creatures.

    These awesome six-legged spider machines answer the question What if a funnel web was armed with a rocket launcher? And resemble the offspring mix of Predator and Keanu Reeves (he’s a robot, right?). In fact, if Ironman had headlice…they would look like these bad boys.

    Optimus Prime got his test results back from the lab. Give it to me straight, Doc. Is it crabs? Worse, said the Doc. You got Stryders.

    About the size of a basketball and controlled by remote control in any direction. The head rotates a full 360° with its turret. A little tricky to get used to as whichever way the head is pointing, now becomes the new ‘forwards’ so you’re constantly compensating on the control pad. But you soon get the hang of it.

    Fully armed with foam dart blaster weapons, dramatic sound effects, LED lights, stickers and exploding armour. Not literally of course, but when the leg armour is struck by anything, they spring off like it’s been wounded. And if you strike it three times in the face sensor, it shuts down momentarily. Like closing your eyes and counting to ten after you’ve been shot while your buddy runs off and hides again. That’s great if you have two or more Combat Creatures and pit them against each other. The best part is, all the pieces are interchangeable with each other, weapons, armour, heads even, so you can customise your own battle bot.

    Created by eccentric Canadian inventor Jamie Mantzel and UK Toy company WOW Stuff (UK), (and I thought I was a big kid, you should check out Jaime’s YouTube Channel and Wired Story below). This guy lives on a mountain living a very unique and eccentric lifestyle.

    For more info, check out these other links and videos:

    · Combat Creatures STRYDER & DOOM RAZOR
    · Jaimie Mantzel YouTube
    · Jaimie Mantzel Wired Story

    We had a great time making our ‘STRYDER’ movie. A project the whole family got involved in. My next post will be a little behind the scenes of how we made it along with some unused footage and pics.

    So, go watch it again and get your kids a STRYDER (or you…we know it’s really for you). 😉

    Thanks to Janete Sampaio of Double Edge PR for providing me with Stryder and for all your wonderful assistance.
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4 Responses to Combat Creatures Stryder is here!

  • Alex@Dadrites wrote on January 13, 2014 at 2:57 // Reply

    this is SO cool!

    • 40YrOldDad wrote on January 13, 2014 at 3:26 // Reply

      It’s great to play with and the movie was really fun to make. The box recommends 6+ to Adults, so thankfully that includes me.

  • Mike YDad Cbay wrote on January 14, 2014 at 2:26 // Reply

    DUDE, that was AWESOME. well done, and that looks like it was tons of fun filming that!

    • 40YrOldDad wrote on January 14, 2014 at 3:03 // Reply

      Fun and challenging. It was a real blast and in the Behind The Scenes post coming later, I’ll get into just how challenging it was.

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