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    Never since The Beatles touched down at Dubbo airport, has there been such a rock star reception for our little, Indy Wayan. And the Balinese people have welcomed him with open arms and much tapping of cheeks, (tapping of Indy’s face cheeks, not tapping their own butt cheeks, that would be just weird).

    The first couple days, there was lots of sleeping and adjusting to the heat. But since then, most of our time has been spent in the pool, walking the beach and eating. And boy, can our boy put it away!!

    And to think we were having issues with him eating at home. And it’s not just the quantity of food he’s eating, it’s the variety.

    Watermelon, papaya, pisang (banana), mangosteen, chicken, mushroom and cheese omelet, mashed potato, banana pancakes, and it doesn’t stop there…

    We discovered a very new and beautiful rooftop restaurant a couple doors down from where we’re staying called Rosemary. Stunning rooftop water-garden and private outdoor booths, and it’s where we discovered Indy loves Ribs. And as succulent and tender as they were, who wouldn’t?

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    During our travels we also discovered a delightful Lebanese restaurant called, Layali. Where we could sit on cushions on the floor and eat, which seems only right as that’s where most of Indy’s food used to end up anyway. And he hopped right into the Hommus, pita bread, chicken and falafel.

    We’ve never seen him eat so much in his life. We may have to pay extra on the flight home due to excess baggage weight! We know he has an affinity for Buddhas, just hope he’s not modelling himself on one. 😉

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