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    Today I feel like I’ve slipped through the Looking Glass and found myself in a topsy-turvy world, where everything is backwards. For 40 odd years I’ve always been the kid, but this year…the tables have turned and the child has now become the father.

    Holy Cow! I can’t believe it. My very first…


    I gotta be honest. I’m not expecting much. After all, my boy is only 8 weeks old. I mean, what’s he gonna do? Sing and dance for my own enjoyment? Hardly…

    As you may have read, being a new dad, I’m pretty used to finding all kinds of surprises when it comes to unwrapping my son and changing his little nappy. Some of which have you cringing like a 40yr old chaperone at a Justin Bieber concert and others have you calling in the clean up crew from the Exxon Valdez. But nothing quite prepared me for the surprise I saw this morning when I opened his little wrap to find…


    Yep…like Ricky Schroder’s emotional plea in The Champ or Halle Berry’s Oscars acceptance speech, I was reduced to a mould of quivering jello.

    And after being presented with this very cool Daddy T-shirt…

    A whole new appreciation for my own dad and what it’s like to be a dad, welled up inside me.

    I felt a sense of duty to start a little Father’s Day tradition of my very own. Something that I hope my son will grow to appreciate and take comfort in, something we can both look forward to spending time doing together as the years roll by. And what better way to begin than combining two of my most favorite things…

    Hot Chips and Indiana Jones

    Kicking back, enjoying that hot chip goodness (Science fact: Hot chips have been scientifically proven to release endorphins and “lift” your mood), whilst enjoying the adventurous escapades of my son’s namesake can only lead up to one thing…

    Good times ahead 🙂

    And failing that, he can always sing and dance for my own enjoyment 😉

    Happy Father’s Day to me! 🙂

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3 Responses to Father’s Day Firsts

  • Ma wrote on September 3, 2012 at 12:13 // Reply

    I see u gettin’ jiggin’ widd’ your 8 week old FATHER’S “GIFT”….start a journal of this journey because by the time u are your Dad’s age u may have forgotten a lot of those precious memories!! You are lucky u have the technology to record them so u can relive these moments in time with your son :)))))))))
    He is growing so quickly & you have soooo many memories coming your way, make the most of them….enjoy every moment!!! I am enjoying sharing in seeing my two boys in action lol!!!!

  • JPBechtold wrote on September 3, 2012 at 10:05 // Reply

    A journal, you say? Where you write stuff down and…stuff. Hmmm…let me think about that 😉

  • Melanie wrote on September 17, 2012 at 2:23 // Reply

    Love it! Melanie (Bambooty!). How is Dad finding cloth nappies? Would make a good blog post 🙂

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