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    Never before has my life had even an inkling of baby stuff in it.

    And may I point out, my replica Delorean with flashing lights and sound effects, my remote controlled Dalek, my Superman money box and my miniature Tardis that flashes just before my mobile phone goes off…

    Are not baby stuff…okay!!

    They are MAN things, in a MAN’s room…

    (Okay, maybe the stuffed Daffy Duck plush toy is a little bit…”nyeah?”)

    But they’re the representation and culmination of lifelong dreams of a MAN…(this man, in particular). And may I also point out that they are high on a shelf well out the way of fiendish little fingers (yes, my wife can’t reach them)…or little schnitzel chicken fingers, once they arrive.

    But now, just like an infestation of termites, the baby stuff creeps its way in slowly but surely.

    Monkeys, clothes, nappies, cabinets, wall stickers, bassinets, finger puppets…

    But I am inspired by Kevin Costner’s film, Field Of Dreams, and thus I find myself listening to the voices in my head (which sounds remarkably like my wife), to build a containment “field” to rest his little head, for when “he comes”.

    It’s all so exciting and real, now that we’re preparing his room. HIS room. HIIIS room. My son will have his OWN room. Who’s son? MY son. I’m having a SON. He will be MY son and he will have HIS OWN room. My SON has a ROOM of his very OWN…

    The voices are telling me to “stop, now.” — Damn, she sounds hot.

    Hee-hee-hee, I feel so grown up 🙂

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2 Responses to If You Build It, He Will Come

  • Eva Campbell Morales wrote on March 10, 2012 at 6:47 // Reply

    Just to be clear… WHOSE son are we talking about? You look so manly, putting together the crib for your SON. Sure would like to see more pics of that voice in your head! Hugs and so happy for you!!!!

    • Ma wrote on March 10, 2012 at 11:07 // Reply

      You should put all this down on paper…guaranteed best seller….lol…..ooooooh u gunna be such a funny cool Daddio Jussio….lol!!!!!

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