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    That’s right folks…we’re having a boy!

    I was going to video our reactions when we got to peek in the oven and find out just Who’s Cooking, but I was way too nervous with excitement to film it. As you can clearly tell

    The wonder of technology nowadays is astounding. Being able to see a 3D version of what the baby looks like, and we didn’t even have to wear those stupid 3D glasses. I kind of feel a bit foolish for bringing mine…and wearing them! (But then, I should never have left my driving glasses at home).

    Everything looks just great! Everything in tact; fingers, toes, facial features all present and accounted for and most importantly, all in the right place. And inside, everything is going according to plan; brain, kidneys, heart…the kid’s a natural.

    And there’s no denying he’s a schnitzel, alright. On account of his little Wiener.

    We’re both a little shocked and over-the-moon with excitement at the prospect of having a son. The family name will live on…yay!!


    I’m a little creeped out knowing that my beautiful wife, currently sports…

     Both male and female genitalia!!

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