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    It’s been a week of firsts for me.

    1st visit to the Maternity Clinic.

    Starting reading my 1st book on parenting.

    Our 1st visit to the Baby Train, an enormous Baby Superstore. That’s a place where new expectant dad’s can lie down unexpectedly on the floor, while the overwhelming world of baby products and their prices, swoons all around you.

    I had no idea just how much things cost, it’s like…

    Wow! It’s how much?…Does a robot come with that?

    We’re making a baby, not building the Six Million Dollar Man!

    Holy cow…

    But while the cost of things have made me put some things on the back burner for now, I couldn’t resist buying our schnitzel/elle’s 1st baby toy

    An irresistible little Monkey for our hopefully, irresistible little monkey 🙂

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    Schnitzel or Schnitzelle?


2 Responses to 1st things 1st

  • Megan wrote on February 2, 2012 at 2:37 // Reply

    U don’t need any of it, it just flutters everything and is annoying after using 2-3 times, nappies, wipes, clothes, and a breast pump (really important if breastfeeding) and a pram. That’s it!

  • JPBechtold wrote on February 2, 2012 at 9:38 // Reply

    Thanks Meg, that’s what I like to hear. Keep it simple 🙂

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