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    It feels like ages since we saw each other in the flesh (that’s how it all started in the first place), but now I am one eager day away from having my family back in my loving arms…(and in our empty villa, for that matter).

    The rules of engagement surrounding our Skype chats have been adhered to, so I have no idea if she’s showing and/or how much.

    It’s like waiting to unwrap a Christmas present!

    but I probably shouldn’t shake and rattle it first?

    It feels kind of weird, like it’s not really happening.  Probably because there’s literally an ocean between us, and only a thin membrane between them. I feel slightly detached from the whole experience. Almost like a Clayton’s Dad.

    But I am so super excited at having them back, so I can actually feel like I’m a part of it.

    (Seems only fair, after all…it is also a part of me).

    It will be so awesome to have us all together in Bali for Christmas. I mean, when was the last time you remember an expectant couple who had a baby on the way around Christmas?


    I’m sure it’s happened…(at least once?)

    So, like the faithful boomerang, my lover and her tenant, will return to me tomorrow.

    Thus, in the faithful words of Rachel Hunter

    It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen 🙂

    Wait a sec…it will happen overnight! (damn, Pantene. You don’t know anything!).

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