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    So, being a first time dad at 40, I’ve made an interesting discovery, very early on.

    Keep in mind, your lady is going through some changes. Physically, emotionally…mentally.



    Change of mood, change of mind, change of personality…and it can all happen in an instant!

    #1 tip for keeping your lady happy – LOVE HER

    She needs your love. She wants your love and the best way to support her through those changes…is to love her


    Don’t touch me!

    Don’t breathe on me!

    Don’t move around me…please!

    Touching her skin…will make her sick.

    Talking too close…will make her sick.

    Moving an eyelashwill make her(I think you get the picture).

    But love her none the less (though it may be through a radiation suit…and from a distance).

    But she will love you for it…I guarantee 🙂

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